Signed Full Frontal Autographed (3 Photo Bundle)

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This is a bundle of THREE autographed full-frontal 8.5"x 11" nude photos of me, taken from my (sold out) 2017 Wall Calendar. 

For anyone who has been wanting to see the images of my 2017 calendar, now here's a good chance to see my FULL 9 INCHES REVEALED.

(1) photo will be at full-mast/rock-hard (the photo used as the back cover of the 2017 calendar), another (1) photo will be soft (the bonus centerfold poster that came with the 2017 calendar), and the final (1) photo will be the month of May (giving two full-mast/erect images). If you've EVER wanted to see all of me, there is a great bundle for you to enjoy. 

One photo will be dedicated to you, with a "special," customizable message, and all (3) photos will come autographed by me. 

You CHOOSE what you want me to write. Have fun, be creative. "Thanks for last night.", Thanks for the amazing experience in Vegas.", "I love you."  etc. 

Or, have me write something from my own heart. 

This is an interim product for all of those who have contacted me requesting a 2017 calendar, and while we wait on a Summer product this year. 

I am doing my best to release some product this Summer, with a dozen NEW exclusive nude images of me, with 50% of the images showing my manhood (or whom I call "Little Cody." 

I did a very fun Summer Photobooklet last year, and plan on doing another this Summer. I am working up to a high-quality coffee table book, but this project is dependent on many variables (mainly if we can successfully crowdfund the project, which, this one would take over 1000 pre-orders (not just 150 like normal). 

However, whatever product I do, I want to make sure to provide you with annual opportunities to showcase myself in intimate and vulnerable ways, and to use these products as exclusive opportunities to reveal myself, unrestrictedly, all the while ensuring the integrity of the image/product. They can try to leak online, but the image is of low quality, blurry, and scanned things distort dimensions, so best of luck with that. 

But if you want the 'real deal,' simply add this to your cart, and check out. 

Much love,