"Feel Yourself" by Cody Deal

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"FEEL YOURSELF" by Cody Deal

The Nude Cody Deal Coffee Table Book
Photography will be by Gabe Ayala!! He shot the mock cover!!!!

I am so, so, so, so grateful that I have an opportunity to make this 100+ page coffee table book for my most loyal fans. We have had over 150 people order a copy, and has helped put us over $12,000 for the project. This means we have enough to being production and print. So the project is officially be 'green lit,' which is a fancy Hollywood word meaning, "it's be made!!!!"

Thank you to the 150 brave men and women who had the balls to make this happen. I couldn't have done it without you, and it is my duty to create a masterpiece of a product and project. 

Product Dimensions: 13.5"x10.5" - hardcover - each copy comes individually autographed. 


First, remember that the current "cover image" is simply a mock cover. It's to illustrate an idea of what the book may inevitably look like. But, the book is going to be EXTREMELY raw, real, and vulnerable, to showcase your favorite actor or Instagram model (whatever you know me as) in an artistic beautiful fashion. 

Think of it as Michelangelo sculpting David. No one looks at it inappropriately. They admire EVERYTHING about it; all the craftsmanship. That's exactly what Gabe and I want to do with, "FEEL YOURSELF."

There is so much controversy in 2017 over masculine and feminine energy. And I actaully love it. All human beings are both masculine and feminine. Soft and hard. Male and female blended energies. I am not always leading an army of football players, nor am I always being a tinder uncle or tinder companion. "FEEL YOURSELF" will be me in all my colors; I don't feel comfortable putting things like this out there, but if it's a product that requires it, I look forward to asserting these colors of my own personal rainbow. 


If your mom likes seeing a hunky man body... TASTEFULLY, then YES, because this will have nudity... even frontal nudity, but will be so tastefully done that she won't feel uncomfortable having it out on the coffee table. It's going to be classy, erotic, and ANYONE will be able to view it without feeling it is too much. It is just a naked man... sheesh people. :)


This is an Exclusive Limited Edition Coffee Table book with only 300 copies going to print. There is also a Limited Collector's Edition book (50 copies only). You will see there are several purchasing options to help crowdfund the project. Please read carefully, and then order the option you feel is best for your needs. Hopefully you can think of a friend who'd enjoy a copy and pick up 2! 


It will be INCREDIBLY BOLD, TASTEFUL and CLASSY, and is to celebrate a body of hard work and hard life experience, similarly as Michelangelo piecing together his great statue of David!  


Every copy of "FEEL YOURSELF," will be hand-autographed by me! However, there are ways to also purchase a custom-autograph made out to you, to purchase 2 books at a discount (and just one shipping charge), or to purchase a SPECIAL EDITION stamped copy hand-numbered and custom-signed by me also with a high-end cloth protector, and you would also have your name printed in the book under a Special Acknowledgments/Special Thanks section.

Additionally, you can also become a producer of the project, which means you name would be in both the front and back pages of the book (5 producers only), or, if you are a true diehard fan, and you want to see how a full-frontal book is shot, you can actually pay to be part of the on-set experience. Just you would be invited out to be on set all day. This is reserved for two people only (but different days). So it would just be crew, plus you :).


*$55 -- Feel Yourself (1 Copy - Autographed) 
Included in this package is one (1) copy of "FEEL YOURSELF," by Cody Deal. It will be hand-autographed with Cody's signature. 

*$75 -- Feel Yourself (1 Copy - Custom-Signed)
Included in this package is one (1) copy of "FEEL YOURSELF," by Cody Deal. The copy will be custom-autographed to the person of your choice, if not yourself, with a personalized message. When checking out, you can also add the inscription you would like Cody to use. Example: "I love you so much, Larry!" Or you can leave it up to to Cody to write from the heart. 

*$95 -- Feel Yourself (2 Copy - Autographed)
Included in this package is two (2) copies of "FEEL YOURSELF," by Cody Deal. Both will be hand-autographed with Cody's signature. You pay only one shipping charge. 

*$115 -- Feel Yourself (2 Copy - Custom-Signed)
Included in this package is two (2) copies of "FEEL YOURSELF," by Cody Deal. Each individual copy will be custom-autographed to the person of your choice (can be two different people if ordering one for a friend), with a personalized message to each person. When checking out, you can also add the inscription you would like Cody to use. Example: "I love you so much, Larry!" Or you can leave it up to to Cody to write from the heart. 

*$250 -- Collector's Edition "Feel Yourself" 1 Copy (100 Copies ONLY) 
+ Special Acknowledgment Printed In Book
This particular copy will be a COLLECTOR'S EDITION - LIMITED EDITION copy (only 50 total copies to print), and will have special cover, clothbound, and with foil-stamped lettering. :) This copy will also come with a personalized message, dedicated to you, in a page of the book, or on a separate page, and also signed and autographed by Cody. Each Collector's Edition book will be hand-numbered. 

*$500 -- Producer + Collector's Edition "Feel Yourself"
In addition to the $250 Collector's Edition book, you will also be one of a potential five producers, and will have an entire page dedicated to the producers of the project (with you name, a pseudonym, and your website). You also have the first hand-numbered copies of the Collector's Edition.