About Me

Many of you may know me as the star (aka Thor) in the Syfy Original Movie, Almighty Thor that premiered on the Syfy network (and its international affiliate channels) on May 7, 2011.

When I was cast as Thor I was just a 24 year old kid from a small town of only 1,000 people in Kansas who had moved to Los Angeles just a year prior. In such a short time, I accomplished one of my lifelong dreams of starring in a Hollywood film. 

This experience is really the story of my life...

I have always been interested in pushing my own boundaries and limits.

Not for money. Not for fame. Just to continue my belief that there is a power in us, equally given to all, regardless of birthplace or social hierarchy, that we can tap and enable ourselves to accomplish literally anything.

I have seen it my whole life, and I walk a fine line between knowing how real it is, and doubting myself the entire time. I call it the human condition, where we know how powerful we really are, yet we oftentimes forget that power. 

So how does this segue in to selling 'sexy man calendars and photobooklets'?

To be honest, that's a great question. 

I have grown a 'business' that has sold thousands of products to 35+ countries. 

This is no different than when I started an eBay business and sold Magic: The Gathering cards as a freshman in college, or in my childhood when I put an ad in the local newspaper under "Work Wanted," that read "13-year-old boy looking for any and all types of work. Call Cody. 620-725-4042"

That little ad in the paper kept me employed constantly. 

I knew I wasn't always going to be 13 years old, just like I know I'm not always going to sell erotic calendars. But, it's a start, and to me, it's a great start, because I get to build my name, and I get an opportunity to showcase myself in a light that my biggest fans can tastefully admire. 

If I wanted to do porn, I'd do porn. My girlfriend is an ex-porn star. Her and many of her industry friends tell me the massive success and exposure I could have with porn. But, to me, I never cross boundaries that don't feel fully right. And porn, although I have no judgment towards it, is too socially misconstrued. Even doing an erotic photobooklet that is tastefully done is sometimes wildly misconstrued! 

My point is, I do what I, Cody, am comfortable doing. And, I hope as I continue blogging, it inspires new chapters in my book, The Power of Self. Furthermore, as I also continue making annual calendars to help support my future, I hope I can eventually launch my brand into a successful underwear line and more! 

TV and movies are something that is still a very big part of my life. But modeling, YouTube, and entrepreneurship have now taken a bigger place. By building my platform, I will create more opportunities than showing up to 5 casting calls a week for one-line roles in televisions shows, hoping to book, only to get passed over time and time and time again. Honestly, actors have a rough life! Plus, there are snakes and disgusting people lurking in Hollywood, promising to fulfill your dreams if you do "stuff" for them. Even the most credible of them all. Beware.

I guess this bio shows my current head-space, rather than a history of the things I done. I would rather talk about who I am today and what I envision for tomorrow. 

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